Read Write Inc. provides a systematic approach to teaching reading, writing, spelling and comprehension.

Read Write Inc. is a fully integrated and dynamic literacy programme. The structure is firmly based in synthetic phonics. There are four strands of the programme, which can be used together or separately to raise whole school achievement. These include Phonics, Spelling, Comprehension and Fresh Start Phonics. Click on chart below to read about the strands.

What makes it so special? Read Write Inc.enhances literacy teaching through lively fully matched teaching materials, effective teaching organisation with partner teaching built in and inspiring training to help successful whole school implementation.

Read Write Inc. Phonics

Read Write Inc. Phonics is an effective and rigorous way of teaching reading and writing, that works for every child.
  • Systematic with a clearly defined structured progression for learning all major graphemes.
  • Delivered in discrete daily sessions.
  • Underpinned by a synthetic approach to blending phonemes.
  • Makes clear that blending and segmenting are reversible processes.
  • Uses simultaneous visual, auditory and kineasthic processes.
  • Makes clear the importance of speaking and listening.
  • Clear guidance how to assess progress.
  • Guidance about adapting the programme for children with special educational needs.

Read Write Inc. Comprehension

Read Write Inc. Comprehension is the next step in developing children's composition and writing skills once they have become confident readers. It is ideal for children who are skilled decoders from Y2/P3 onwards and helps them reach National Curriculum level 3. It is suitable for use up to year 4.

What are the benefits to your children?
  • The programme gives your children all the knowledge they need to read and write really well.
  • All children gain deeper understanding of what they read.
  • All children will become confident writers by exploring and creating interesting compositions.

Read Write Inc. Comprehension Plus

An effective and dynamic literacy programme for 9-11 year olds.
More than just comprehension, it also includes grammar, vocabularly enrichment and writing. Speaking and listening is at the heart of the programme, with the daily 'Big Question' ensuring rich talk for reading and writing. Aims to take all your children to a level 5.

What are the core components?
  • An Anthology - containing short stories by leading authors, poetry, playscripts, and a range of non-fiction text types.
  • A Pupil's Book - with lively activities linking to the texts.
  • Interactive Whiteboard software - essential for introducing texts to the whole class.
  • A Handbook - with easy-to-follow daily lesson plans.

Read Write Inc. Spelling

The Read Write Inc. Spelling programme is both a rigorous and a fun way of helping children learn to spell. In just 10 minutes a day you will see a transformation in all your children's spelling. Designed to get children to National Curriculum Level 5, or English Language 5-14 Level D/E.

How does it work?
The Spelling Handbook contains step-by-step lesson plans for all the Get Spelling! Books, notes on how to use the Spelling Log Book, strategies for teaching high frequency words, notes on timetabling, grouping, partner work and assessment, answers to the Get Spelling! activities and word banks.

The three levels of Get Spelling! Books give a variety of teacher-led, paired work and independent activities

Activities include suffixes, prefixes and root words, the tricky bits in words, syllables, high frequency words, homophones, mnemonics and other spelling strategies, dictations and using dictionaries

The programme covers all the spelling requirements of the primary framework for years 2-6.

The programme focuses on practice, personalisation and ongoing assessment to ensure success, with each child keeping their own Spelling Log Book of words they find challenging.

By providing personalised practice, the programme enables all children reading at National Curriculum Level 2a and above, or at English Language 5-14 Level B and above to become confident spellers FAST.

What are the core components?
  • Read Write Inc. Get Spelling! Teacher's Handbook
  • Read Write Inc. Get Spelling! Book 1
  • Read Write Inc. Get Spelling! Book 2
  • Read Write Inc. Get Spelling! Book 3
  • Read Write Inc. Get Spelling! Log Book

Read Write Inc. Fresh Start

Who is it for?
Read Write Inc. Fresh Start offers older primary and lower secondary children who have not made progress in their reading a second chance to catch up and become confident, fluent readers. It works really well for boys and girls!

What are the core components?
  • Speed Sounds Cards and Speed Sounds Interactive CD-ROM
    Speed Sounds Cards Sets 1, 2 and 3 introduce all 44 sounds and graphemes using simple picture prompts.
  • Green and Red Word Cards, Complex Speed Sounds Poster
    These resources support the teaching of sounds and graphemes and practise decodable and tricky words. Advice on when to use these alongside the Speed Sounds Cards is given in the Fresh Start Handbook.
  • Modules
    An Introductory Module provides decodable short texts for when children have learnt Speed Sounds Set 1. The remaining 33 Modules give clear progression and practice in reading and develop comprehension and writing skills. All texts have been specially written for this age group.
  • Fresh Start Anthologies
      Seven magazine style titles for your pupils to read at the end of each set of Modules. Each Volume is packed with fun facts, great quizzes and age appropriate articles your pupils will love.
  • Fresh Start Handbook
    Read Write Inc. Fresh Start Handbook provides full support and guidance on implementing the programme, with detailed phonics lesson plans, blueprint lessons for the Modules, timetables, practical help on partner work, which is integral to this programme, as well as classroom management.